Privacy Policy

This policy on the processing of personal data covers the Pikede website. We care deeply about your privacy and we strive to provide a user experience that will leave you feeling at ease.

We want all of our website visitors to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and related laws, we have a duty to keep your personal information safe and secure when you submit it through our website. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments about this privacy policy or the website, please contact us using the contact details on our contact page.

Here at Investor Direct, we take your privacy seriously. We’ve created safeguards to ensure that the information you give us is completely safe and secure.

We may collect information from you when you post a comment or fill out a form. This might include your personal and contact information.

If you want to use our email or newsletter, it’s best if you create an account with us first.

When you provide us with information, we use that data to display targeted messages and content to your individual interests.

(b) Log in using an account from one of the social media sites you would like to use. Once you do so, we will be given certain information about you from the site.

Your data is encrypted and stored with high security so that only the people you want to see it will be able to see it. You’ll have complete control over your information and only release it when you’re ready. With our site, we’ll never share any of your personal data without your prior approval.

Not only do we have a blog, but we also provide social media widgets so you can share our useful content with ease.

We won’t show your information to other users, and you can always delete or update your data as needed. We keep it safe from attackers, too.