Canada’s best immigration lawyers

Canada’s population and workers come from hundreds of countries. Some of these immigrants may be seeking permanent residency, while others are on temporary visas.

The country’s regulations are tight about granting permanent or temporary visas.

Each Canada visa has its own requirements.

This article explains how to identify a qualified Canadian immigration lawyer who can help you become a permanent resident and guide you through the visa application process.

Canadian immigration attorneys

Choosing a good Canadian immigration lawyer can be difficult, but we’ll give you some tips.

Abrams & Krochak Law Firm

Abrams and Krochak are top Canada immigration lawyers. Abrams and Krochak is an immigration law practice. Over 40 years of experience means your application will be processed fast and successfully.

This firm is up to speed on Canada’s immigration regulations and can help you with your application. is their website.

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Matthew Jеffеrу Lаw Firm

Matthew Jeffery is a top Canada immigration attorney. Matthew Jeffery’s immigration lawyers in Canada may help with refugee status, temporary stays, citizenship, and permanent residence.

Their team delivers exceptional customer service and rapid application processing to all clients, regardless of nationality, and has helped families move to Canada for years. Their website is

Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell

Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell provides legal aid and immigration permits. This business has comprehensive knowledge of Canadian immigration regulations and offers work permit, student visa, and spousal sponsorship services.

Apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. Friendly service and fast application processing are trademarks. has more.

Matkowsky Immigration Law

Matkowsky Immigration Law specializes in immigration paperwork and applications. The organization can help with all visa applications and documentation. Because of their experience, your application will be processed swiftly.

The company helps with citizenship, refugees, student visas, skilled worker applications, and work permits. Their immigration lawyers are knowledgeable with Canadian law. is their website.

Bellissimo Law Firm

Bellissimo Law Firm has helped immigrants settle in Canada for over 30 years. Their well-trained lawyers have worked with different nationalities.

They have great customer service and know Canadian immigration laws. Over 30 years’ expertise with permanent residency, citizenship, refugee, and business visa applications. has more info.


If you’re a new Canadian immigrant or need immigration advice, consider these firms. You can hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to handle your application.