Canada’s Best International Scholarships for 2022/23

The Canadian government and several universities provide overseas students grants, awards, and bursaries to assist pay their study.

These scholarships require application processes. To be considered, apply before the deadlines. Canadian scholarships are scarce.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada has two official languages—English and French. Foreign students are welcome in Canada.

Canada has 96 universities. 26 of the 96 universities are world-class. Computer Science and IT, Agricultural Science and Forestry, Media Journalism, Business and Finance, and more are offered.

Provinces provide overseas students free health insurance.

Canada’s cost of living

Canadian education is more affordable than in the UK, US, and Australia. Each school’s costs differ. Undergraduate programs cost CA$20000 to 30000. Postgraduate studies may cost CA$16000 per year.

International scholarships in Canada can assist reduce financial burdens. A job can assist finance your stay in Canada. During semesters, students can work 20 hours/week and full-time during breaks.

How to Get a Job in 6 Easy Steps in Toronto

Acceptance into Canadian Universities

You will have to show that you know how to speak the language, show that you can pay for school, and show that you have medical insurance.

Here are some of the scholarship awards you can get in Canada, as well as the information you need to apply for them.

University of Toronto to Host the 2020 Metro Awards for Academic Excellence

The University of Toronto is pleased to provide Metro International Secondary Academy Awards of Excellence to international students. It’s for domestic or international freshmen with academic merit. Metro International Secondary Academy alumni are preferred.

The University is committed to fostering an academic environment that values learning and fairness. The university’s scholarship programs recognize excellence at all levels. The University, its schools, faculties, and divisions award about $23 million in admission scholarships and 5,800 in-course prizes annually.

One $5,000 award goes to the student with the highest average, and two $2,500 awards are based on academic merit.

Algoma University bursaries

Algoma University is offering International Bursaries to undergraduate students.

International Degree Students registering for the Spring and Fall semesters will receive a $2,000 bursary. $1,000 every 15-credit semester (or $200 per 3-credit course) for two consecutive terms. This also applies to 2021/2022, adding up to $4,000 over two years.

Existing and incoming Graduate Certificate students will receive a $3,000 scholarship for the Spring and Fall semesters. The $3,000 bursary is $1,500 every 15-credit semester (or $300 per 3-credit course) for two consecutive terms (Spring and Fall or Fall and Winter)., adding up to $6,000 over two years.

McGill University’s Engineering International Awards

McGill’s Engineering International Awards reward candidates who want to pursue a degree program straight.

MEITA provides competitive recruitment funds to attract high-quality foreign doctoral students to the Faculty of Engineering’s Ph.D. programs by contributing to their international Ph.D. tuition supplement fee.

The Faculty of Engineering grants a MEITA award of $8,000 towards the international Ph.D. supplement price, for a total of at least $27,000. This award is for 1–3 years. Ph.D. applicants are considered.

Principal’s Scholarships at Canada’s Queen’s University

Queen’s University in Canada offers Principal’s Scholarships to international students pursuing a degree. QU’s degree programs help students achieve competitive knowledge and abilities.

$4000 each. To renew an academic award, you must:

  • Remain enrolled in an 80% course load (usually 24 units in Fall/Winter)
  • Achieve a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5

Concordia University of Edmonton in Canada gives out GSA Awards

GSA Awards at Concordia University of Edmonton are currently accepting applications from students interested in pursuing a degree there.

Every semester, the GSA awards merit-based scholarships. The number of scholarships awarded depends on GSA fee levy funds and the number of candidates each semester.

$750 for a diploma program, $1,000 for a degree program, $500 for a certificate program; value prorated based on enrollment.

Fanshawe College’s International Latin American Leadership Award

The International Latin American Leadership Entrance Awards were created for foreign visa students with a valid Study Permit from Central America or South America (as verified by the International Office) and is enrolled full time in Level 1 (or first semester with advanced standing) in any post-secondary program at Fanshawe College.

High school graduates who have accepted admission to a specific Fanshawe College program are eligible for entrance scholarships. Many of these award openings don’t require candidates to apply because they’re based on admission average.