Caspian Drywall Inc. is looking for welders in Canada

A Welder, also known as a Brazer, is someone who uses powerful technology that generates intense heat to join metal pieces or repair damaged metal parts.

Conditions of Employment

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Earn $32.00/hr. for a standard 40-hour workweek.

Working Conditions: Having a job for life
Constant and continuous employment

Date of commencement: Immediately

Positions open: 7

Languages: English

Education: Document proving completion of secondary schooling

Experience: Under three years, but no more than two

Scene of Labor: Commercial/Residential

BS Quality Construction Ltd. in Canada requires a cleaner


  • Apply your knowledge of welding process requirements.
  • Drive either fully automatic or totally manual welding machines.
  • Carry out tasks involving the use of flame-cutting equipment, either manually or semi-automatically
  • Use machinery for bending, straightening, and braking metal
  • Find out if the materials can be welded.
  • Use welding equipment that has already been set up to create or repair metal components.
  • Control the operation of a robotic welding assembly line, including starting, stopping, adjusting, and keeping an eye on it.
  • Fix and maintain welding, brazing, and soldering tools.

Who is eligible to apply for this position?

Please consider applying just if:

  • You are either a permanent or temporary resident of Canada, or you are a citizen of Canada.
  • You’re allowed to work in Canada legally.

Do not apply if you do not have the legal right to work in Canada. No response will be given to your application by the potential employer.

Instructions for Submission