Dove Health Group Inc., Canada is looking for qualified nurse practitioners

An NP is an advanced practice nurse that can aid with anything from diagnosis to treatment to consultations.

They examine patients, diagnose and treat diseases, order diagnostic tests, and dispense medication for patients of all ages.

Description of Duties

  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Salary: Hourly wage varies from $67.87 to $95.51 for 20-40 hours a week of work
  • Job Description and Salary/Pension Details: Job security Beginning in a part-time capacity and expanding to full-time
  • Date of commencement: September 1, 2023
  • Positive Aspects: Health, Other, Long-Term, and Monetary Gains
  • Vacancies: Two positions are open

Tasks assigned to a nurse practitioner include:

  • Offering individuals health care that includes both preventative and curative measures
  • Treating and diagnosing both short-term and long-term diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, infections, and injuries
  • Drug prescriptions are issued as necessary to maintain patient health.

A Summary of the Position

To that end, we are on the lookout for a Nurse Practitioner to join our team and offer our patients comprehensive, high-caliber treatment.

All elements of patient care, from diagnosis to treatment to consultation, fall under a Nurse Practitioner’s purview. When it comes to patient care, they are aware that there is no silver bullet. Please provide relevant job experience if you are interested in applying and love working in a team setting with all facets of patient care.


  • Provide medical care through prescribing medication, examining patients, and making diagnoses
  • Perform diagnostic testing on patients and assess results
  • Collect patient information through interviews and medical history forms; conduct physical exams and diagnostic tests
  • Make up and carry out therapeutic strategies
  • Transcribe and record all conversations with patients
  • Report any issues or situations that are out of the ordinary to the managing physician
  • interact productively with a wide range of people, such as medical professionals, staff, patients, and their loved ones

Competencies and Prerequisites

  • It’s imperative that you maintain a valid license/registration to work in your field
  • Strong abilities in both spoken and written expression
  • Competent use of judgment and initiative is required
  • Confidentiality of extremely sensitive information
  • Degree Level: Master of Science in Nursing

Summary of Languages



  • Master’s degree


Possessing relevant prior experience is helpful


Health benefits

  • Indemnity Program for Dental Care
  • Provisions made in the event of disability
  • Plan for healthcare
  • Benefits of Eye Care

Financial benefits

  • Bonus
  • Commission
  • Piece work

Long term benefits

  • Advantages of Group Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Financial support for new parents
  • Pension plan
  • Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

Other benefits

  • Parking is free of charge.
  • Organizational investment in employee education and development
  • Location-based comforts
  • Possibilities for team growth
  • Therapeutic Community

Additional requirements

The Questions to Ask at the Beginning of a Screening
  • Do you have the proper documentation to work in Canada right now?
  • If you get this job, are you willing to move?
  • Have you obtained the aforementioned credentials?

Groups of workers

Employment at this company is open to anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other factor that a person may use to identify themselves.

To whom may applications for this position be submitted?

Please consider applying only if you:

  • Your legal status in Canada is either that of a citizen or permanent resident.
  • You are in possession of a current work visa for Canada

No applications will be considered from those who lack the legal right to work in Canada. You can disregard your application for this position.

Instructions for Submission

By email

[email protected]