Eligibility & Requirements for a Student Visa to Enter Canada

Canada is a great place to study because most of its universities are known around the world for their high-quality education.

Before you can apply for a Canada study visa, you need to meet certain requirements. Among these requirements, but not only, are the following:

Who can make an application for a Canada Study Visa?

  • You can’t just be any old tourist; you need to be a fully vaccinated one.
  • Students under the age of 18 are exempt from the requirement to show proof of vaccination. While attending a Designated Learning Institution, however, you must have a covid-19 preparedness plan (DLI)
  • Documentation proving that you have enough money to pay for your studies and support yourself and any dependents you bring to Canada
  • Travel on the way back from Canada for you and any family members you brought with you
  • There is a requirement for enrollment at a recognized educational establishment (DLI)
  • If you want to work here, you’ll need to show that you have no criminal history (a police report)
  • For verification of your health, a medical examination is required.
  • Credible assurance that you will not overstay your study permit in Canada

How do I get a study visa for Canada? What do I need?

  • To be eligible for a Canadian student visa, your passport’s expiration date must be at least six months beyond the expected completion of your program.
  • You must have documentation showing that you have been accepted into a DLI.
  • documents demonstrating sufficient funds for tuition, living expenses, and a round-trip ticket
  • If you choose to apply in person, you will need passport-sized pictures. Avoid exaggerated or overly dramatic poses, and only wear hats for religious purposes if at all.
  • The results of your medical exam must be documented in an Immigration Medical Examination Report.
  • Write an essay explaining why you want to see Canada.
  • For the online application process, you will need a credit card to cover the application fee.

During the personal interview, the interviewer may ask you to bring in more papers. These extra documents may be needed to prove that you are still in school or that you have money. Here are some other things you might be asked to show.

  • Test results from the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), or the International English
  • Proof of funding for your whole stays in Canada, including travel, tuition, and living costs.
  • credentials from prior educational institutions such as degrees, transcripts, or certificates