Good Morning Vibes!

Morning is the best time to be positive. We have a clean slate each morning to plant seeds and nurture them to grow. We can make the most of this opportunity every morning.

There are better ways to spend your morning than being a robot and not being aware of your surroundings as you open your eyes and go through the motions. When we realize this time is useful for setting intentions for the day, we use it.

By making a conscious effort and knowing that hard work will be rewarded, we can create more positive moments. When we consciously decide to form good morning habits, the mind and body need time to adjust.

There are many benefits to starting some positive vibe morning practice:

– Helps to destress and flow easily through the day

– Your thoughts become uncluttered

– You gain a positive outlook early in the day

– Discipline serve you long term

– You teach your mind good habits

First thing in the morning, disconnect from technology. When we wake up, we’re so dependent on technology. Checking our phones and the news is a reflex.

While waking up, clear your mind of wild thoughts. Start with 10 minutes and work up to 20.

Wake up earlier if you want to fit in a morning walk, workout, stretching, yoga, etc. If you’re rushed, a 15-minute walk can help. Mind and body awakening clears the mind and boosts circulation.

Make your morning ritual special. This could include reading early in the day when your mind is most receptive. Or include mastering a new skill. Plan your activities the night before and give yourself a buffer.

Alternate how you spend your mornings. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you read for 20 minutes, and Tuesdays and Thursdays you study something new. These are creative ways to follow your mind and body’s desires. Find what works for you and switch things up if they become predictable.

Gratitude is a great first-thing-in-the-morning practice. This doesn’t have to be a long process; just be thankful for the little things. If life has been tough, start with the cup of coffee in front of you or the sun and roof over your head. A few thanks to the universe or a higher power will help you face the rest of the day.