A Guide to Obtaining a Canadian Student Visa

A Canadian study visa is required for international students who wish to relocate to Canada for university.

Thousands of students from other countries apply to Canadian universities every year because of their reputation for excellence.

Express Entry gives priority to applicants with college degrees or work experience, so earning one in Canada is a good way to increase your chances of being accepted into the country permanently.

The low living and tuition costs in Canada attract students from all over the world. They appreciate the secure environment and the variety of employment and internship opportunities available there.

Can you explain what a Study Permit is?

International students who wish to study in Canada must first apply for and receive a study permit from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. It authorizes individuals to enroll in any course at any time at a school on the list of those approved for such studies (DLI).

Tips for Applying for a Canadian Student Visa

  1. In order to study in Canada, you can submit your application either online or in person. In order to submit an application online, you need need a scanner or camera to produce electronic copies of your papers, as well as a credit card to cover the application expenses. Finger scanning at the local Visa Application Center is also required (VAC)
  2. Study visas for Canada can be applied online, but if you want to apply offline, you’ll need to complete the VSF consent form as well. When applying for a visa, you may rely on the VSF services to guide you through it.
  3. The next thing to do is to pay the visa application fee. You can pay for your Canada student visa online with a credit card or in person at a VAC office with cash or a bank transfer; the cost is $150 CAD. In the case of online payments, a receipt will be issued upon successful completion of the transaction. The VAC charge is in addition to the visa application fee. To submit biometrics after submitting your application will cost an additional $85 CAD. Your fingerprints and photo will be taken at a Visa Application Centre.

If you have a MyCIC account, you can use it to see where your application stands at any time. To enter Canada, you must provide a letter of introduction and any other paperwork they may request.

The customs official will need your passport and letter of introduction to verify your identity and ensure you can legally enter the country. If so, then you’ll be issued a student visa to study in the country.