Information on Ireland immigration visas

Immigration in Ireland is a changing and complicated topic. Current immigration classifications and laws can be hard to understand.

This article summarizes Ireland’s immigration types and regulations, as well as information on Irish living abroad, obtaining Irish citizenship, and obtaining an Irish ID card.

This is for Irish expats planning to return or visit Ireland this year and want to know about immigration regulations.

This article is for people who want to learn about immigration in Ireland, assess their options and position, and improve their personal, economic, political, and professional circumstances.

This page explains Ireland’s immigration policies and laws.

Ireland has four visa categories. Examples:

How Ireland lets people in

Long-Term Visas for Ireland

This visa is for long-term visitors. This visa allows unrestricted entry and stay for more than three months. If you match the conditions, you can apply for this visa from outside Ireland.

This includes work, student, and family visas. This category requires verification of sufficient funds and housing.

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Ireland Short-Term Visas

This visa is for short-term travellers. This visa allows a 90-day visit.

Before leaving, you can renew this visa. This category includes job, training, business, tourist, and short-term visas.

You must apply for the right visa, exhibit a valid passport, and pay the price. This visa is for people without Irish ties or those traveling with friends or family.

Single or Multiple Entry Visa for Ireland

This visa allows multiple visits to Ireland. They can enter and exit without reapplying. Case-by-case visas require an invitation or authorisation letter.

Transit Visa for Ireland

This visa is for persons who want to transit through or enter the country en route to another. You can’t stay after transiting. You can apply at an Irish airport or seaport, but not at the border.

How to Apply for an Immigration Visa to Ireland

In Ireland, you can register online, visit an embassy or consulate, or use a visa agent. Apply for your visa 6 months before your travel date.

First, register on the INS website (INIS). You’ll need citizenship proof, a passport, and a credit/debit card to pay the visa processing fee. When you register and submit your papers, you’ll receive an email.

After document registration, perform biometrics at the same visa office. The visa approval process can take up to eight weeks.


Ireland’s immigration policy welcomes newcomers. Ireland has jobs in several industries (healthcare, finance, etc.). Ireland’s immigration system is more flexible than others in Europe.