Manitoba Immigration Programs Guide

Manitoba has a Provincial Nominee Program and a Business Investor Stream. The initiative was aimed to recruit highly trained workers, agricultural entrepreneurs, and new graduates. 2018 will bring major program modifications. Learn about Manitoba’s immigration program. This page also discusses graduate internships. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream may interest you.
Investing Business

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream aims to recruit overseas entrepreneurs and business investors. This stream has two paths to bring businesses and investors to Manitoba. The Entrepreneur Pathway helps people start a business in Manitoba or buy or collaborate with an existing one. Applicants must invest significant cash in a new Manitoba business within 24 months. Applicants to this stream no longer need to submit $100,000 to the Manitoba government.

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream is a fast-track immigration program for entrepreneurs. 76% of arrivals become homeowners in five years, and 95% remain permanently. The Business Investor Stream covers the Entrepreneur and Farm Investor immigration paths.

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Career and Job Pathway

The Manitoba Immigration Program offers skilled worker streams. The skilled worker stream draws from the existing skilled labor force and attracts new immigrants with relevant skills and experience. This stream is for experienced workers with Manitoba-specific abilities. International students can immigrate to Manitoba through the Career Employment Pathway. This option requires a degree from a Canadian university plus a one-year work offer in an in-demand field. You must also have a good CLB/NCLC score to be evaluated, indicating you have enough job experience.

MPNP offers Express Entry and a career employment plan. Students like the first option. The latter permits international students to petition for permanent residency based on their talents. This track is open to international masters and doctoral candidates. MPNP needs at least one year of full-time study at a Manitoba university or institution.

The Way to a Graduate Internship

Manitoba has created two new immigration options for overseas master’s and doctorate students: the Graduate Internship Pathway and the Student Entrepreneur’s Visa. Both help international students pursue careers in Manitoba. Graduate Internship Pathway applicants must have completed a Manitoba internship. Mitacs connects international institutions and businesses with Manitoban firms.

To qualify for Manitoba’s Graduate Internship Pathway, applicants must have a NOC Level 0, A, or B job offer associated with their graduate internship program. This pathway may limit internship applicants. For individuals with a job offer, this isn’t necessary. Interns don’t need a job offer.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

The provincial nominee program provides LAAs to skilled employees and international graduates in three streams. 202 are awarded to candidates with a minimum score of 440, 71 to those with a score above 71, and 31 to those without close connections in the province.

To apply for the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, submit an EOI on the MPNP Online portal. The MPNP scores each candidate using the MPNP Points Assessment Grid. Top-scoring candidates will obtain a LAA for Manitoba’s permanent residency program. After getting the LAA, applicants have 60 days to apply.