Pegside Construction is seeking carpenters in Canada

Carpenters create and repair structures and other products using wood and may need to select and obtain materials. They calculate quotes, consult with clients, and design remodels.

Specs of the Job

Location: Winnipeg, MBOn the road job

Salary: $15.00 – $35.00 per hour, biweekly, for 80 – 120 hours of work

How to get hired: Having a job for life

Constant and continuous employment

Time of commencement: Instantly

There are currently 10 open positions.



Beauté à l’Africaine Inc. seeks Canadian hairdresser


  • Without any sort of academic credential


  • Will undergo Training

Working on the road

The places of employment are not guaranteed to be constant. The employee must frequently or continuously travel for work.

Work site environment

  • In the air
  • Close quarters
  • Noisy
  • Dusty

Workplace environment

  • Construction
  • Multiple Settings
  • Renovation
  • Interventions for Upkeep and Fixing
  • Commercial
  • Residential



  • One’s ability to read and analyze blueprints, drawings, and sketches is crucial for determining specifications and calculating needs.
  • Make plans with the use of measurement devices that adhere to building regulations.
  • The ability to accurately gauge, cut, shape, assemble, and combine items composed of wood, wood substitutes, lightweight steel, and other materials is a plus.
  • Construct the base, set the floor joists, lay the subfloor, then erect the walls and roof.
  • Adjust and set up architectural features like glass and frames, door and stairways, and trim and fasteners
  • Establish and maintain a site-wide schedule and coordination of activities

Further Details

Data on Travel and Transportation

  • prepared to travel frequently

Situations in the workplace and abilities

  • Taking a low stance; bending over; kneeling
  • Movements in different positions (sitting, standing, and walking)
  • Carrying weights of weight
  • Heavy load
  • Exhausting on the body
  • Strict time constraints

Who is this position open to?

Please consider applying just if:

  • That you are a citizen of, or a legal resident of, Canada.
  • That work visa you have is good to go in Canada.

Do not apply if you do not have the legal right to work in Canada. Your application will go unanswered by the company.

How to apply

Send an email to: [email protected]