Sponsored visa-eligible caregiving positions in the United States

US is excellent for caregiver jobs. In the best places to live, the US needs many child care and home workers. Many critical roles, from nannies to PAs, need to be filled immediately. The Caregiver Immigration Pilot makes it easier for foreigners to work and live permanently in the US. This is how the US wants to address the shortage of caregivers.


To start, look for U.S. caregiver jobs. You can bookmark this blog and check it regularly for job openings. In this episode, we cover how international caregivers can find permanent work in the U.S.

Jobs for Caregivers in the United States

Caretakers are unsung heroes who care for the sick, elderly, crippled, and children. The aging US population has generated a need for thousands of home caregivers. Working parents are often looking for trustworthy childcare choices when they can’t do it themselves.

Jobs in Hairstyling in the United States that Sponsor Visas

Home support workers:Personal care and companionship are provided to the elderly, disabled, and convalescing. Home support workers may provide care in the client’s home. Families and homecare agencies hire them. In Canada, home support workers earned a median annual salary of $34,125, with more experienced workers earning $49,591.

Home Support Workers
Attendant for persons with disabilities – home care
Family caregiver
Home support worker
Live-in caregiver – seniors
Personal aide – home support
Personal care attendant – home care
Respite worker – home support
Home visitor – infant care


Childcare workers: permanent or temporary babysitters Physical and mental well-being is their first priority. They may help with kid care and housework. The highest-paid babysitters in the US make $32,079.

Home Child Care Providers
Child care live-in caregiver
Child care provider – private home
Parent’s helper
Babysitter – fitness/shopping centers
Foster parent


How to Find Jobs in the US as a Caregiver

Find a real job opportunity.

To take part in the home care provider pilots, you must first have a formal job offer from a US company for a full-time job of at least 30 hours per week.

  1. Look for jobs in the right places to make your job search easier. According to the Job Outlook Report, caregivers are most needed in San Mateo, Las Vegas, and Sun City. This is because the healthcare system is moving people with chronic illnesses and conditions that make them unable to work out of hospitals and institutions and into more home-care settings in the community.
  2. You can also look at agencies that help people find jobs, like Trafalgar Personnel. For a fee, they can help you find work in the US as a nanny, au-pair, caregiver, babysitter, housekeeper, etc., depending on the job you want. US families trust these agencies to handle the whole process of finding a child a home. But you should know that the agencies can’t help you get your work permit. These are all things that immigration lawyers can do legally.
  3. US employers and agencies that help people find jobs are more likely to hire caregivers who have formal training and work experience. Make sure your resume is up-to-date with references you can contact, and ask your past employers for recommendations.