The new 2023 Mexican visa regulations for foreigners

On January 14, 2022, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador enacted new immigration regulations. New laws have eliminated the Inmigrante FM2 and No Inmigrante FM3 visas. Add four Mexican visa kinds.

1. Tourists, volunteers, adoptive families, aid workers, etc. Non-immigrants can stay in Mexico for 180 days with one of these visas.

2. The new Residente Temporal visa allows four-year stays in Mexico, like the old No Inmigrante FM3. Non-Mexicans who want to live or start a business in Mexico can apply. Low initial capital, excellent tax treatment, and other variables make Mexico an ideal startup site.

Permanent residence petitions can be submitted after four years; however, those who marry Mexican nationals or match the new point system criteria may have this time frame lowered by two years. The new system rewards experience, education, and skills.

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3. International students need a Temporal Estudiante visa to participate in Mexico’s student exchange programs or attend a Mexican college or university.

4. Foreigners can now live in Mexico indefinitely with the new Permanent Resident status, which replaces Inmigrado FM2. This visa doesn’t restrict entry or exit, and you can work anywhere. Those who wish to make Mexico their permanent home should apply for a permanent resident visa.

New visas will replace the current ones. A new category visa must be obtained in person at a Mexican consulate or immigration office in a large city.