Tips for British people interested in retiring to Cyprus

Cypriot retirement is gaining popularity with people from the United Kingdom and other parts of Northern Europe for a variety of reasons. There are numerous reasons why Cyprus is a great place to retire, but the warm weather and easygoing culture are two of the biggest draws. It has one of the EU’s lowest crime rates, making it a safe place to live, and it also has great and affordable medical facilities, something that is of particular importance to people in their twilight years. Cyprus is a stunning country with stunning landscapes and a pleasant temperature that makes retiring there a desirable option.

Of course, the weather and the cost of living are the primary draws for retirees considering Cyprus, but the island also offers a variety of other advantages. Banking and the law are based on the British systems, so they should be straightforward to navigate. As a result, relocating to Cyprus is significantly less of a hassle. In the United Kingdom, pension recipients benefit from favorable tax treatment.

Almost everyone in Cyprus can communicate fluently in English, making language barriers almost nonexistent. The infrastructure is state-of-the-art, and the quality of the facilities is on pace with the rest of Europe. Lifestyle in this excellent climate, with low humidity throughout the year, is particularly beneficial to one’s health, as are the fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables that are always accessible. For those whose rheumatism or other illnesses are exacerbated by the cold, damp winters, this may be of vital importance.

Visa and work permit verification program benefits

Where to retire in Cyprus and everything you need to know

Before you can move to Cyprus and live there for good, you will need to fill out some paperwork. The first step is to go to the Migration Department of Cyprus and ask for a permit to live there. Fill out an M67 form, which you can get at the immigration office in Cyprus. You need the F category when you retire. You have to have a way to pay your bills, like money from investments or a pension.

After getting approval under category F, you can’t work, even for free, or run a business, so you need to have enough money to support yourself. UK pensions can be put directly into an account in Cyprus. They will be linked to an index, so all pension increases are paid as if you were still living in the UK.


It turns out that many people from northern Europe want to vacation in Cyprus. The culture is very similar, albeit less hectic, so it’s easy to adjust. Cyprus is a wonderful place to retire to the sun and unwind.