UK’s 10 highest-paying jobs

When choosing on a career path, it’s important to think about not only our own wants and needs, but also the financial opportunities that exist in that path. We don’t want to spend time and money becoming educated and trained for a career that will leave us barely getting by each month.

In the United Kingdom, there are many opportunities to earn a living wage or above. If you are considering a career move to the United Kingdom and want to know which jobs pay the most per week, see the list below.

Here are the top 10 UK occupations by salary:

Aircraft Controllers

The safety of those who rely on airplanes as a form of transportation rests heavily on the shoulders of aircraft controllers. To take on such a responsibility, one needs to be extraordinarily well-prepared intellectually and professionally and to have remarkable leadership abilities.

These workers are compensated in accordance with the level of responsibility allocated to them. In the United Kingdom, air traffic controllers earn the most money per week, at over £1,960.

Although a specific degree is not normally required, there are a number of tests and training sessions that must be completed before one can begin working as an aviation controller. Keep in mind that only the most qualified applicants need apply, thus the competition is fierce only to earn the necessary credentials.

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Principal Officers and the Executive Director

The company’s top executives are responsible for carefully planning and coordinating all financial operations. To ensure the company’s success, they must make a wide range of important financial planning decisions, from the day-to-day to the long-term. They have to hire and oversee new supervisors and heads of departments.

If this is the career path you’re interested in taking, you’ve made a good choice: CEOs in the United Kingdom earn some of the highest incomes in the world. On average, a CEO or high-ranking figure may count on bringing in $1,725.

A minimum of three years of experience in the industry is required, along with a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, for promotion to chief executive officer. In addition to education, employers value applicants who can demonstrate good interpersonal and leadership skills.

Engineers and Pilots

Air travel has been increasingly prevalent in recent years. Among the world’s most modern aviation systems, the United Kingdom stands out for its large airline network and cutting-edge infrastructure. The UK’s aeronautical engineering industry is booming, and with it comes a strong demand for engineers to conduct routine checks on the condition of the country’s fleet of aircraft.

Although working in this field is tough due to the fact that you are responsible for the lives of many people and there are tight timelines you need to fulfill on a daily basis, it is a career worth pursuing due to the financial advantages. It has been estimated that the median annual income for pilots and flight engineers is £1,491, based on official data.

Flight engineers just need a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and suitable experience to get hired, but pilots need a specific education for pilots and a set number of flying practice hours to get a license.

Managers of Advertising and Sales

The success of a business and its capacity to maintain and expand its market presence depends largely on the quality of its marketing efforts. For this reason, there is a great need for skilled individuals to take on roles in sales and marketing management.

Marketing and Sales Directors are highly compensated because of the impact they have on a company’s success.

A marketing and sales director can expect a weekly salary of $1,397. A four-year degree is preferred, and a bachelor’s degree in business is often required for this role. In some cases, relevant job experience may be substituted for these degrees entirely.

Practitioners of Law

Having a law degree can lead to many different kinds of employment opportunities. Such a degree will not only open up many doors for employment, but it will also prepare you for a rewarding career. The average weekly salary for a law school graduate is £1,349.3.

In many cases, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in law to break in. Earning a graduate level degree in law will almost certainly improve job prospects and compensation.

Managers in the Telecom and IT Industries

Even a few years ago, few would have guessed that these specialists would soon be in such high demand, much less earn such exorbitant pay. There aren’t many jobs out there right now with such a promising employment outlook and excellent compensation potential.

Knowledge of computers is in high demand because they are used by practically every company and government organization. Directors of information technology and telecommunications plan, design, build, and maintain an organization’s information technology infrastructure and provide ongoing technical assistance to employees. With this job in the UK, you may earn up to £1,380 per week.

Although it might not be needed, having a degree in computer science or a similar field could give you an advantage over other applicants. People who are skilled with computers often get employment in the IT field even if they did not attend college.


Brokers operate as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in a trade and are paid a commission for their services.

There are some of the highest paying jobs in the economy that are reserved for brokers. According to government projections, a broker in the United Kingdom can make about $1,250 each week.

Brokers in the stock market need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter the industry, however a master’s or doctorate is recommended.

Chief Financial Officers and Other Senior Executives

Finance managers and directors are responsible for monitoring the inflow and outflow of capital. They perform financial analysis as part of their routine duties and provide guidance to management on how to boost the bottom line.

According to recent data, the median pay for a Financial Manager or Director is £1,247 per week. It’s therefore a noble occupation to strive for.

Qualifications for this type of post frequently include a bachelor’s degree in a management-related subject and previous work experience.

Medical Practitioners and Other Health Care Workers

The health care system in the United Kingdom is typically rated as among the best internationally. Graduates from medical schools with strong relationships to local hospitals tend to be in high demand after they complete their education.

Despite the demanding nature of their work, doctors in the UK earn generous salaries. Jobs in this industry are diverse and pay anywhere from minimum wage to several times that amount. People who work in healthcare often earn $1,220+ each week.

A degree from a prestigious institution is necessary for a career in medicine. A bachelor’s degree in medicine and work experience are usually prerequisites.

Managers of Public Relations and Marketing

Businesses that want to succeed need to pay close attention to how they come across to customers. Therefore, it is the job of the company’s advertising and public relations professionals to target the appropriate audiences through the most effective means.

Both public relations and advertising are highly lucrative fields in the United Kingdom. An advertising and public relations agent in the United Kingdom can expect to earn £1,160 a week on average.

A bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or communications may be required to enter the highly competitive and lucrative advertising and public relations sector.