Visa and work permit verification program benefits

To access wealthy immigration destinations such as America, Canada, Australia, or Europe, non-citizens (foreigners) and work visa applicants play dirty. To comply with immigration and nationality requirements, they fake documents.

Document forgery and phony documents are major offenses in immigration and work permit visas, where people face fraud accusations, jail, and deportation.

Employers lose a lot of reputation when they recruit someone with a bogus name, driver’s license, training, or career history. As document falsification becomes a million-dollar business, careless employees’ responsibilities expand.

Third parties or agents operate as a connection between work permit visa applicants and employers. They allegedly instruct applicants to fake documents to suit employer and position requirements.

CBC News recently reported that CBSA accused Bradley Jacobson and Kendall Schmidt of creating bogus firms and using fake documents to target 300 foreigners. The federal government said immigrants were paid with fake businesses and documents.

Fox News reported: “New Mexico police caught a fraud ring producing bogus paperwork for unauthorized migrants seeking driver’s licenses.”

This everyday news discourages governments and employers from home security, terrorism, and reputation.

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Advantages Work visas Visas Authentication

  1. Guarantees that there will be no disruptions or evasions of immigration policies.
  2. Embassies and immigration services can focus on strategic and analytical work. Secure the nation.
  3. Ensures that only qualified people are admitted to medical or technical fields.
  4. This ensures fairness for all applicants. Deters document fraud.


Many immigrants and economic migrants use forged documents to get visas and work permits. This hurts well-qualified applicants, undermines merit-based immigration systems, and threatens immigration policy. Criminals and terrorists use it to create phony identities, threatening national security.

Verifying immigration documents is the only way to dissuade illegal immigrants and visa applicants who use phony documents to get a job.

A comprehensive immigration or work permit procedure for visa screening decreases the liability of the government and companies and helps employers hire the best workers in their organizations.