Which to hire: immigration consultants or lawyers?

Do you want to move quickly to any country? If so, hire an immigration consultant instead of a lawyer.

We’ve outlined the differences between an immigration consultant and a lawyer in this article so you can decide who to hire for your immigration needs.

You should be able to choose the immigration services you need and which providers can help you get your green card quickly. An immigration consultant is better than a lawyer for several reasons. Below, we explain the differences.

Immigration Consultants

Consultants help people immigrate for job, travel, study, or business. They give legal assistance in immigration law, as allowed by law, to boost immigration chances.

They assess immigrants’ green card applications. They check applicants’ credentials, paperwork, and marriage or partnership information to verify if they’re following the rules.

Immigration consultants interview clients, research legislation to help them resolve status difficulties, advise clients on next steps, and take notes. They also create letters, make presentations, and file documents with a court or other government bodies.

Immigration advisors help clients fill out and submit immigration forms to authorities or courts. They tell them when to apply and what to include. They also teach clients how to convince family members to join them abroad.

Canada’s best immigration lawyers

Immigration Lawyers

An immigration lawyer helps with immigration plans. Advisors, solicitors, and caseworkers are synonyms. An immigration lawyer can assist you enter and stay in the nation both proactively and reactively.

They can supply legal guidance and practical action, as well as help you gather proof and write your application, such as validating a person’s exit or entry visa.

A lawyer with immigration law experience and knowledge. Visas, green cards, citizenship, and deportation are their specialties. A lawyer can also advise on employment-based visas like H1B and E2.

Immigration lawyers keep up with new regulations and laws that may effect your case or others. They advise clients on how to manage situations without risking your safety. They support immigrants and resolve complaints immediately.

Consult who?

A Canadian immigration lawyer has years of expertise helping clients immigrate. They know the Canadian immigration procedures and can offer counsel and support.

An immigration consultant may not have legal skills and just help customers with paperwork.

Immigration consultants have several advantages over lawyers. They can speed up green card approval, for example. Immigration lawyers are more expensive.

Which is best? Consultant or lawyer?

Now that you know the differences between an immigration lawyer and a consultant, you can determine who to consult. If you need help filling out forms and preparing paperwork, hire an immigration counselor.

Consult an immigration lawyer if your situation is complicated or you’re worried about legal issues. They’re accredited and have government experience.