Weekend vibes meaning

Looking for some cool quotes for your Weekend mood and vibes? We have rounded up the best collection of weekend vibes quotes, sayings, captions, status messages, (with images, memes, pictures) to spread the cool and fun vibe all around and be happy.

After a long week of work, studies and hard work, the weekend holiday is the most awaited days. It denotes a relaxing, lazy, and cool holiday with friends and family. Weekend vibe means like you are chilling or having a nice day.

So it’s time to enjoy your weekend mornings and night and these long weekend vibe captions can be perfect for your funny and cute Instagram photos that will surely earn you tons of likes!

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  1. “Calories don’t count on the weekend.”                                              
  2. “All happiness depends on a leisurely weekend.”
  3. “A weekend wasted is no wasted weekend at all.”
  4. “I want a weekend full of good vibes and great kisses.”
  5. “Life was meant for interesting weekends with friends.”                                                       
  6. “Saturdays are for adventure. Sundays are for cuddling.”
  7. “May everyone’s weekend feel longer than the workweek.”
  8. “There aren’t enough days in the weekend.” – Rod Schmidt
  9. “Happiness is… not having to set the alarm for the next day.”
  10. “I have big plans for the weekend! Bed, books, and hot cocoa.”
  11. “Happy ends, more often than not, happen during weekends!”
  12. “Better days are coming, they are called Saturday and Sunday.”
  13. “Good weekends and silly companions create the best memories.”                                       
  14. “Even if every single day is a gift, some days are just packaged better.”